☀️ Radiant Sun – Heart Touching Nasheed

« If you don’t love your brother enough to respectfully voice your concerns about him directly to him, then, at least, have enough respect to not tear him up behind his back. »
“Our Religion is beautiful. And when one tries to make it ugly, they only uglify themselves.”
“A person’s good character shines brightest when confronted by one with bad character.”
“Sometimes you wish you never met certain people, then you grow and realize that they were a gift in disguise and contributed to making you the person you are.”
“Racism against racists is racist. Don’t stereotype a whole race because someone from that race did that to your race.”
“Preach hope like the Prophets, not despair like the devils.”
« Dont marry someone you think you can make better. Marry someone you think will make you better.”
“The sign of a beautiful person is that he always sees beauty in others.”
– Sheikh Omar Suleiman

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