Garbage City: Litteraly A City That is Also A Waste Dump

Reality Decoded

Garbage City is a surreal urban landscape with waste stuffed in every corner, stacked on the sidewalks and surrounding every structure. This city in Egypt is fully occupied with active people who live, work, eat and sleep in the midst of trash. Spaces not occupied by people are given over to livestock (fed with trash scraps).


Officially known as Manshiyat Naser, this district has shops and apartments like any other, but its residents earn their keep by specializing in collecting, sorting and recycling specific types of trashed materials. Children work by searching for trash to recycle or burn as fuel.


This place goes far beyond failing every health standard on Earth, it could be ground zero for the next nightmare unleashed on mankind. There is no water, sewage or fire department. There is little to no hope of escaping this poverty level.

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